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Classical music in Vienna

If a city is considered a „city of music,“ there must be a good reason for that. In truth, there are many good reasons – and the historical one is just one of them. There is a lot of evidence of the glorious role that the City of Vienna has played in music history – and still plays: important composers were born or lived here and created their masterpieces: Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Bruckner or Mahler. Already at that time Vienna was considered a „world city of music“. Later it was composers like Schoenberg or Gottfried, who are considered „modern“ classics whose musical home was Vienna.

Vienna Classical Music Academy / V.C.M.A.

VCMA is a music education center that aims to cooperate and collaborate with music schools, conservatories and universities. Vienna is the center of a variety of musical influences, a world-class classical music tradition and you'll find extraordinarily trained professional instructors like nowhere else in the world.
We invite the best representatives of classical music eras to share their knowledge and skills with students in a wide variety of formats. Vienna Classical Music Academy, which is more than a common training facility, aims to establish a liaison between musicians who stand between their training and their professional input. It tries to provide a support system that facilitates and supports this difficult transition with both practical offers and a strong community.

Culture Meeting Point (since 1995)

Culture Meeting Point established in 1995, the Culture Meeting Point Cultural Awareness Center aims to promote understanding between and through cultures. The view that the knowledge of a culture leads to their understanding and thus also to the understanding of their relatives, has always accompanied the activities of the association, like organizing festivals, theater projects, clubbing, film screenings, children and youth projects, competitions, educational projects, readings and exhibitions.

Administration Office


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